Austin Marcus

Photo of Me

I am currently a graduate student at Binghamton University pursuing an MS in Systems Science. I am working under Dr. Hiroki Sayama and Dr. Luis Rocha.

Research Interests

I am generally interested in dynamics of any kind, and I like to think about how things change and how there is structure in how things change. Thus, I am studying complex systems in general in my current degree program, and am particularly interested in thermodynamics & statistical mechanics, information theory, differential equations, and relevant computational modeling techniques.


I majored in Computer Science at Pennsylvania State University, and there I also minored in both Physics and Philosophy. I enjoy “getting things to work” and understanding the basic principles behind something. I bring this type of “mechanistic” or seeking-of-principles way of thinking to everything I am involved in.

My research so far has utilized all three of these disciplines, in work ranging from implementing a machine learning solution involving audio data (which necessitated a basic understanding of sound), to philosophical study of primary literature, to developing a scientific research question using insights from philosophy and implementing a computational simulation to connect intuition with quantitative definitions.

For more information, please take a look at my CV, or send me an email at